Questions our clients often ask:

Are you insured and bonded?

Absolutely. The safety of your home and your possessions is our top priority. We carry $300,000 in liability insurance, and we’ll be happy to provide a copy of our certificate of insurance at your request.

Are you a franchise?

No. But we’re just as professional—often more so. And we have the freedom to provide you with more customized services. What’s more, we usually offer lower prices.

Do your employees speak English?

Yes. We require every employee to be able to communicate in English.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. We accept: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. You can cancel any time you wish.

When and how do I pay for service?

We ask our clients to pay for service at the time of service. You may simply leave cash or check on a counter. Or, if you prefer, we can charge your service to your Visa, MasterCard or Discover card on that same date.

 What if I'm not satisfied?

We guarantee our work—100 percent. If you aren’t satisfied, call us within 24 hours. We’ll come back and fix what’s wrong, always at our expense.

What day and time will you show up to clean?

If you’re a weekly or bi-weekly client, you can expect us to come on the same day every week or every other week. But please understand that it is often difficult for us to set a specific time of arrival. Other clients may have asked us for additional services or their homes may require more time than usual. That said, if we’ve promised to come to your home on Thursday, you can expect us to show up at some time on Thursday.

Do you work on Saturday or Sunday?

No. We’ve learned our clients like to enjoy their homes on weekends, and our employees need weekends to rest and recharge their batteries after all the hard work they’ve done during the week.

What about my pets?

We love pets, and we'll treat yours like our own. Your special instructions will be noted on our work orders so our cleaning crews will know your wishes with regard to your pets. Please, though, if you have guard dogs, make sure they are secured before we visit.

Do I have to be home during service?

No. Most of our clients give us their key and their alarm code. Our employees are carefully screened and trained. Many of them have been with us for years.

Is my key safe?

Your key will never have your name and address attached to it. All our clients’ keys are specially coded and kept in a secure place.

Will I always have the same team clean my home?

If you choose us on a weekly or bi-weekly basis we will assign the same team to clean your home, and we’ll make every effort to send the same team every time. But on the rare occasions when we have to send a different individual or team, rest assured they’ll deliver the same excellent service you’ve come to expect. They’ll have undergone the same training, and they’ll be armed with your personalized cleaning profile from our database.

Who provides the cleaning products, cloths and equipment?

We provide the equipment-- the best tools available in the residential cleaning industry, regardless of cost. We disinfect and replace tools frequently, and our crews carry backup equipment.

We ask our clients to provide cleaning cloths and cleaning products. We’ve learned many of our clients prefer specific product brands or types they’d like us to use—all-natural or hypoallergenic, for example. Some of your home’s surfaces may require special cleaning products. We’d be pleased to recommend the best. Just ask us.

What if I have to skip, cancel or reschedule my service?

Give us at least 24 hours’ notice of your change in plans, and we’ll promptly reschedule or cancel your service. We do appreciate as much notice as possible. Our employees count on the income a full schedule gives them. And the more time we have to work with, the greater the chance we have to accommodate your rescheduling requests.

What if I need some extra tasks or services?

We're anxious to please you. We can help you with range of projects such as polishing silver, unpacking and such. Just call us in advance to make your special requests. Ovens? Yes. Refrigerators? Yes. Sorry though. We can’t do your laundry or your ironing. Click here for more info.

What about tipping?

Our crews don‘t expect you to tip them. But they really do appreciate your tips for jobs well done.  

Should I schedule a deep cleaning every spring?

Many of our clients ask us to do a deep cleaning annually or every six months to address out-of-reach spots that are not a part of our normal weekly or bi-weekly routine. Deep cleaning is less expensive than first time cleaning, because the home is already at maintenance level if we are the cleaning service of choice.